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We are a specialist eCommerce consultancy & implementation agency who specialise in online multi-channel automation business implementation, as well as on-line presence through different web-site platforms and marketplaces.

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«The services provided by Pitaron were second to none. Pitaron provided us with services we desired at times we required, whenever assistance was needed, for certain aspects they would even take the work on themselves or guide us to the correct route we needed.»


- Jordan Humphreys -

«Having worked with countless developers, IT and Linnworks experts, I can safely say that guys from Pitaron are one of the most driven and knowledgeable individuals I have ever had the pleasure to work with.»

- Gavin Curtis -

«Pitaron have been instrumental in the set up and success of our various eBay stores and Linnworks Order Management System. They supply you with an unrivalled service and cover all the bases of a successful eBay store.»

- Shaf Rasul -

«From start to finish, Pitaron were professional, competent and knowledgeable. They helped us go from concept to fully working Linnworks installation in no time at all and provided a seamless installation.»

- Rob Levy -

«I was striving for the integration of my Amazon, ebay and Magento channels at one place from the last one year. At last, one lucky day I found Pitaron. That day was a sigh of relief for me.»

- Fakhir Aslam -
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