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Pitaron are a specialist eCommerce consultancy & implementation agency who specialise in online multi-channel automation business implementation, as well as on-line presence through different web-site platforms and marketplaces

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I used Pitaron to install Linnworks for us. Within two years the business has doubled its sales, while saving massive costs. Undoubtedly, this wouldn’t have happened without the help of Linnworks and Pitaron.

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  • Project Scope

Linnworks saves us about £200 worth of labour every week; maybe even more these days!

Our business operations have been improved in the following ways:

  1. No more manual office work, as invoices and shipping labels are automatically printed.
  2. We have managed to reduce errors by settling all shipping information correctly.
  3. It saves us time on managing returns and re-sending wrong items.
  4. Thanks to Linnworks our customers are happier now as send orders out much quicker. This helps with our rating and new business.
  5. As we manage to save time, it enables us to invest in growing the business and adding new products to sell.

I struggled to utilise Linnworks for a few months until I found Pitaron. I get a great service and must thank all the guys for their fast assistance when needed.

Mr. Ofer El-Hashahar

(BSc. Agr)


Services rendered:

  • 1 x ebay integration
  • 1 x Amazon integration
  • Web-site integration
  • Parcelforce integration
  • Royal Mail integration
  • Invoice design
  • Remote training
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We worked with Pitaron to set up the Linnworks Order Management System, and found the service first class.

Pitaron were highly knowledgeable in Linnworks, efficient, helpful and understanding.

Whenever we need a new integration, we call Pitaron straight away.

Richard Brown, Managing director at Tilly Shoes Limited

The services rendered:

  • 2 x ebay integration.
  • Amazon unified integration.
  • Play account integration.
  • 2 x Magento based web-site integration.
  • Royal Mail Online Business Account integration.
  • Interlink integration.
  • Data import and mapping.
  • General system configuration including invoice designs.
  • Linnworks and LinnLive in-house training.

Having had months of our time wasted by another integration provider, working with Ross and Sal at Pitaron was like a breath of fresh air.

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  • Project Scope

From our initial talk it was clear we were in good hands. They were very knowledgeable, resourceful and professional in all areas.

Everything was delivered within their promised timescale even though there were several technical issues from our end. Implementing Linnworks was a life saver for our company and we couldn’t have done without their amazing services.

Thank you!

The services rendered:

  • ebay integration.
  • Amazon integration.
  • Woo Commerce integration.
  • Royal Mail Business Account integration.
  • Invoice design.
  • Dispatch notifications e-mail set-up.
  • Linnworks training.

We worked with Pitaron, who helped us with the integration of Linnworks to our website, Amazon and eBay sales channels.

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  • Project Scope

We found Ross easy to work with, a good communicator, knowledgeable and fast at replying to queries.

With the help of Pitaron we’ve found Linnworks to be a very useful tool, that has helped streamline many processes within our company.


The services rendered:

  • Web-site integration.
  • Amazon integration.
  • ebay integration.
  • Royal Mail Online Business Account integration.
  • UK Mail integration.
  • Data import and mapping.
  • General system configuration including invoice design.
  • Suppliers set-up.
  • Linnworks in-house training.

We subscribed to Linnworks and commenced integration set up with Pitaron.

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  • Project Scope

I Would say working with Pitaron motivated us to open more channels; as their integration skills are splendid, along with user friendly multi-sales channel information.

Now, we have different shipping companies assigned to both local and international orders automatically. This saves many man hours and overhead costs.

Their customer support, vast knowledge in eCommerce channel integration (with end-to-end solutions) and Professionalism is fantastic.

Would highly recommend!’

Gadget Town UK Ltd

The services rendered:

  • Amazon integration.
  • Priceminister integration
  • Fruugo integration.
  • Flubit integration.
  • Cdiscount integration.
  • Hitmeister integration.
  • Royal Mail Online Business Account integration.
  • DPD integration.
  • Invoice set-up.
  • Remote training.
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  • Project Scope

I would just like to say how well Pitaron has served my business. It was so easy transferring from one software to another.  I couldn’t have done it without their expert knowledge. They have been excellent at their job and there was not one error changing over.  It has saved us a lot of time and stress.

Thank You

Lavinia Cowan


The services rendered:

  • ebay integration.
  • Amazon integration.
  • Shopify integration.
  • EKM Powershop integration.
  • Royal Mail OBA integration.
  • Invoice design.
  • Linnworks remote training
  • Listings generation training.

Universal Gadgets are the first UK ebay seller reached 1 000 000 in feedback.

They are close to 2 000 000 feedback score now.

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  • Project Scope

The services we received from Pitaron were second-to-none. When we change software, it is always a mammoth task due to the extensive variety of SKU’s currently stored in our database; not to mention the information associated with the item.

Ross and his team provided us with the service we desired at times we required. They would either guide us onto the correct path, or for certain aspects take on the work themselves.

When the deadline day for changing over our software came, we had to target our quietest period of sales to have the least harmful effect on the business. We decided on a time of 4:30 and Ross was more than happy to work alongside us at that time.

Since our Linnworks integration we have also hired Pitaron for other work to be carried out, as they always work to our deadlines and seem more like part of the team rather than an external company.

Ross at Pitaron has an extensive knowledge of Linnworks and answered every question we had. This made setting up easy, as not question was deemed too stupid.

We also had great fun pushing Pitaron to see how far they could go; we needed to customise Linnworks to achieve exactly what we wanted from the program. Some of the implementation was new for these guys but they helped us to understand the functionality of the settings and set them up.

I could not speak highly enough of Pitaron and would strongly recommend anyone changing or starting Linnworks to give them a call.

Universal Gadgets team.

The services rendered:

  • eBay integration
  • Amazon unified integration
  • com integration
  • 2 x Shopify integration
  • Royal Mail Online Business Account integration
  • DPD integration
  • APC integration
  • eBay click and collect set-up

We are a growing customer focused eCommerce business selling hair and beauty products online.

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  • Project Scope

Pitaron helped us plan, implement and make use of Linnworks to manage our day-to-day operation and dispatch processes.

We are so happy with the service they provided and how this, in turn, has helped our business develop.

Pitaron continue to be involved with the education and training we need to improve our knowledge of this advanced software solution.

They have provided professional advice, hands-on support and training. This helped us overcome technicalities which otherwise would have taken weeks to accomplish.

We look forward to our continued working relationship with them in order to drive the expansion of our business through Linnworks.

We would recommend their service and expertise to anybody considering or already working with Linnworks.

Gilbert Beveridge

eCommerce Manager”

Services rendered:

  • 1 x Amazon integration
  • 3 x ebay integration
  • Data import
  • Royal Mail OBA integration
  • Invoice/Pack list designs
  • Remote training

Pitaron have been instrumental in the set up and success of our various eBay stores and Linnworks Order Management System.

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  • Project Scope

They supply you with an unrivalled service and cover all the bases of a successful eBay store.

From listings generation to courier integration, Pitaron will guide you through any potential pitfalls in the set-up of an eCommerce system.

Pitaron have completed the full set-up of our Linnworks account.

I would recommend them to any budding eBayer.


Services rendered:

  • 3 x eBay integration.
  • 1 x Amazon integration.
  • 1 x Magento integration.
  • Royal Mail integration.
  • Yodel integration.
  • Parcelforce integration.
  • DPD integration.
  • TNT integration.
  • Pick/Pack lists and invoice designs.

Three in-house training days at our two locations in Scotland, which covered dispatching/operational processes and the listings generation process.

Having worked with countless developers, IT and Linnworks experts I can safely say that guys from Pitaron are ones of the most driven and knowledgeable individuals I have ever had the pleasure to work with.

  • About
  • Project Scope

True thinkers who get involved and understand the daily challenges of professional eCommerce entities. Their expertise and ideas have created many solutions for our company which has greatly improved efficiency, profitability, and the stability of our company.

Pitaron have set up a complex network of sub systems. The sub systems are based at many company locations across the UK & Ireland.

They have even completed on-site training for our teams across the UK. They provide consistent support and ongoing project expansions. This level of input is why we consider Pitaron one of our IT support team and a key players in the continued success of our operation.

Possibly the best priced experts in the UK. We can safely say the best value for work we have had from any 3rd party source.

Gavin Curtis


Services rendered:

The system that has been installed by Pitaron powers the following: Ireland LTD)
The UK’s and EU’s most successful high volume health store with service levels that cannot be matched.Largest health products selection in the world with over 30,000 items in stock for same day shipping, over 200,000 customers in 80 countries worldwide.Operations are based across 3 offices and 7 dispatch centers in 3 countries with 26 key highly trained & specialised staff.

A new partner network will see new offices in most European countries by 2015 with this first already in the process of being launched in Spain, Italy, France, Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany and Sweden.Hawthorn Health currently manufacturer 55 of their own products with further items to be added this year. One of the fastest rising companies in the UK.

Our full network also includes:


I’ve wanted the integration of my Amazon, eBay and Magento channels for some time now.

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  • Project Scope

I finally found Pitaron who were referred to myself by Linnworks. That day was a sigh of relief for me. Before that, I thought that nobody could handle that uphill task but Pitaron has done it in no time.

I found Sal Temirkanov a genuine person who excelled in Linnworks and integrated my platform quickly and efficiently.

Now the task is to learn and run the Linnworks system. As a new user, the lessons with Sal on Skype were so comprehensive and easy to understand that I’ve started to use it myself.

If I have any issues, I still call Sal for help who is always there to rescue me. The after-care service is fantastic because Pitaron are very cooperative and easy to understand.

Pitaron is the best place to seek knowledge about Linnworks.

Pitaron delivered outstanding dedication and commitment to ensure our Linnworks integration was implemented in time for Xmas. Ross and his team could not have done any more to offer a better service.

  • About
  • Project Scope

The training I received from Sal was first class and made learning the system very easy to understand; he had so much patience, which was really appreciated.

I would recommend Pitaron and Linnworks to everyone. The impact to my business has been enormous.

The services rendered:

  • ebay integration.
  • Amazon integration.
  • Word Press(Jigo Shop) integration.
  • Royal Mail OBA integration with embedded labels onto invoices.
  • Invoice design.
  • Categories set-up in Linnworks.
  • Linnworks in-house training.
  • About
  • Project Scope

From start to finish Pitaron were professional, competent and knowledgeable. They helped us go from concept to a fully working and seamless Linnworks installation very quickly.

Now, we are four months into switching all our systems and processes with no teething problems so far. I’ve never experienced such a hassle-free development and go-live.

The services rendered:

  • Amazon unified(UK, Spain, Italy) integration.
  • Amazon FR and Amazon DE integrations as separate accounts.
  • 4 x Big Commerce integration.
  • Royal Mail integration.
  • DPD integration.
  • Dispatch note/Pick list set-up.
  • Scripting to allow additional functionality.
  • In-house training.
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Our Clients

«The services provided by Pitaron were second to none. Pitaron provided us with services we desired at times we required, whenever assistance was needed, for certain aspects they would even take the work on themselves or guide
us to the correct route we needed.»

- Jordan Humphreys -

«Having worked with countless developers, IT and Linnworks experts, I can safely say that guys from Pitaron are one of the most driven and knowledgeable individuals I have ever had the pleasure to work with.»

- Gavin Curtis -

«Pitaron have been instrumental in the set up and success of our various eBay stores and Linnworks Order Management System. They supply you with an unrivalled service and cover all the bases of a successful eBay store.»

- Shaf Rasul -

«From start to finish, Pitaron were professional, competent and knowledgeable. They helped us go from concept to fully working Linnworks installation in no time at all and provided a seamless installation.»

- Rob Levy -

«I was striving for the integration of my Amazon, ebay and Magento channels at one place from the last one year. At last, one lucky day I found Pitaron. That day was a sigh of relief for me.»

- Fakhir Aslam -
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