About Us

Our Origin

Pitaron is an eCommerce managed services & implementation specialist. We focus on delivering business-grade multi-channel automation, as well as developing an online presence through different platforms and marketplaces.

Pitaron began trading by collaborating with Linn Systems Ltd. They revolutionised the online selling experience worldwide, through the development of Linnworks – the most reliable and effective eCommerce solution for automating multi-channel selling and stock management.

Pitaron instantly recognised a demand for the Linnworks software, so in 2012 joined their training programme and became certified partners. To date, they have successfully implemented hundreds of projects.


How we help

Pitaron has moved on from being just an implementations partner. Having seen so many results from our involvement, we’ve taken the initiative to become an eCommerce managed service company.

Providing complete end-to-end services, taking businesses from zero online presence to multiple opportunities for growth across Global marketplaces and channels.

We have a dedicated team of experts, who have improved a wide-range of eCommerce business models. Our specialists are experienced working across many different industries and products. They have the knowledge to tailor a solution to fit your existing business model.

We take time looking at tasks such as listings management and seek to develop systems that help automate our customers’ order processing, service selection, and product fulfilment. This gives staff members time to focus on important business decisions.

Even if your organisation is not currently selling online, we provide all the expertise you need to turn your business into a successful online retailer. Likewise, if your online business isn’t meeting set expectations, we help with that too!