How Social Media Marketing boosts sales for eCommerce

Social Media Marketing

More and more people love buying a product online rather than visiting an outlet store. It’s quite important now to have an online presence over the internet for e-commerce sellers. Social media is a place to genuinely interact with users and spread your brand name globally.

The main focus of Social Media Marketing (SMM) is creating interesting content for target audiences that users will independently distribute in social networks. It’s no longer the case that social isn’t for you, just because your target audience are not teens or twenty-somethings.

Social media is attracting users of all age ranges.

According to a research, 93% of marketers use social media for running successful businesses. Statistics shows there are a lot of people around the world who choose this way rather than to spend a lot of money on massive commercial advertisements.

Competently built SMM allows you to address the information to a target audience accurately, choose the sites where your desired segment of consumers is represented fully and find effective ways of communication.


Share interesting and quality content

It’s not about simply pushing across promotions and products, you have to hook up an audience with quality content. Contribute with subscribers through live video, ask questions, use visual elements as much as you can. With regards to images, it should have the best quality! In most cases, people pay attention to the nice pictures first, and then read the text.

Dylan Kim, co-founder of Brevite Backpacks, mentioned:

 “A huge thing that we focus on is really producing first and foremost really quality content. We spend a lot of time either taking photos or inspiring others to take photos. What’s been phenomenal is that our user generated content has been very high and it keeps our reputation very high and keeps our brand very aspirational.”

Just look at this picture! It really inspires!

Bretvic Backpacks social media

Remember that the content should not be overly promotional. Ensure your content is interesting, catchy, and accompanied by images.

Plan your content in advance

In order not to get confused with the topics, we recommend to create a table or use an application, where you can write down when, what and which social network you are going to post in.

For Example, “Preview – Plan your Instagram” can become a reliable assistant for planning your Instagram. The app allows you see how your individual posts will look as a grid, before you post. As well as this, it also provides data and engagement rates for each post letting you refine your content post by post until you really start engaging your social audience.


Plan your instagram app

Using product videos

According to statistics, a customer is more encouraged to buy a product after watching a video rather than just a looking at an image.

Product images may not completely provide a full overview of the product. In this case, introduce the video and show how the product works with other similar or commonly used products of your brand.

That’s what “Dorothy Perkins” are doing perfectly! Check that new video in Instagram and make sure yourself.

Love what you do, wear what you love. ✌️ This is workwear for goal-getters, agenda-setters and women who just want to dress a little better, for the 9-5 and beyond. | Click the link in bio to shop our NEW workwear ? _______ #LoveDP #Workwear #StreetStyle #SummerFashion

A post shared by Dorothy Perkins (@dorothyperkins) on

Post regularly

Keep your page active! People are always looking forward to new information. If you often forget to post in time, the application “Later” acts as a notifier to post new content. “Later” is available either for iOS or Android. Set up the day or time when you need to post, and wait for the notification to remind you on your smartphone. In addition, there are powerful analytical functionalities available to track your posts successes!

Later App Analytics

Here is the link to start using “Later” right now! –

Use paid advertising

There is another way to drive traffic through social media – using paid advertising such as Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads or LinkedIn Ads.

These social nets impart the opportunity to set a proper target audience for your business.

Birchbox Paid Advertising

Paid campaigns push the most relevant ads to the users most likely to click your products and can add a great stream of warm leads to your business. With full analytics and cost tracking you only spend what you need when customers click your ads, use the enterprise targeting available to businesses like Instagram, Facebook or Google to segment your audience so they receive the content most likely to convert sales.

Connect with your audience

First of all, share your knowledge. What do you know that nobody else knows? I am sure you have something to share.

Tutorials, step-by-step guides or live stream videos encourage your audience and helps you become closer to the potential customer.

If you have doubts, Facebook Insights, Twitter Analytics and even Google Analytics can show you exactly which types of content are resonating with your audience.

Besides, don’t hesitate to ask questions and participate in discussions. This could be as simple as asking them what other topic they would like you to cover, contributing to hashtags or anything else that shows you value their opinion.

Take note, you can share reviews from your satisfied customers as they can approve your product’s quality and level of service.

Linnworks Pitaron Review



Instagram has the most highly engaged and friendly users. It has more than 800 million active users on a monthly basis and around 500 million daily active users. Moreover, they don’t shy away from brands, Instagram users embrace them. You can really make an impression using live stories and posts. This platform is suitable for all product categories. With Instagram Ads, businesses increase its customers base, and accordingly, sales.


According to the latest research, the platform has 2.2 billion monthly active users. So, if you’re looking for increasing visibility alone, Facebook wins hands-down. When it comes to engagement, Facebook doesn’t perform as well as Instagram. But it still has the second highest audience engagement rate among all social networks. As well as Instagram, Facebook advertising is an excellent means of directly targeting your audience.


Pinterest is a great new visual social platform for online store owners. With 150 million active users on Pinterest – 70% use Pinterest to get inspiration on what to buy. The platform helps people to discover amazing images, videos and products. Instead of just posting your Pinterest boards with product images, your goal should be to inspire potential customers with the products you sell.


The network includes small business owners, entrepreneurs, and corporate executives. You’d only need a tiny percentage among 200 million active users to pay attention for your business and become valuable. It’s a good choice to use this platform in order to boost awareness, network with potential customers, partners, and employees. LinkedIn has a very useful analytics feature that can assist you in monitoring and tracking your progress.


Twitter has about 310 million active monthly users around the world. Using Twitter, you can share text, images, and videos that help reinforce your brand and the feeling behind it. Twitter Ads has almost just the same options as Facebook ads, so it’s possible to control run time, budget, target audience and so on.


On one hand, it’s not easy to maintain your social media page on your own. But on the other hand, using the tools and tips we have shown you, you can begin to engage your audience and share your experiences. With a few process changes you can have access to the enterprise level tools that can help you post like a pro.

That’s how you bring your business to the next level and take hold of the  great opportunities online to help make your brand famous around the social world!

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