Successful Sales In the Holiday Season

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Are you as happy as these cute dogs, when you realise that the Holiday Season is coming?

It’s the best period to increase the sales and profitability of your business. During the festive season, people are in the mood to buy everything and it’s up to sellers to take this opportunity.

To avoid stress and keep customers happy, you need to prepare your store in time. Some merchants start preparing for the Holiday Shopping Season when Halloween is around the corner, others begin preparing before Christmas, and for the sake of those festive sales, start right now!


Halloween Dog Costume Best Selling Items

The amount businesses spend on preparing for the Halloween celebration has been growing steadily, year after year.

 People usually start preparing for the holiday in September, sometimes even earlier! According to Business2Community, the peak of sales is during the first 2 weeks of October.

The best-selling products are accessories, home decoration and, of course, party costumes. Halloween is for fun, so people also dress up their pets in pumpkin costumes. The top costume for children is usually an action hero or superhero, and the top choice for adults are witches or vampire costumes. Use what sells well on those particular holidays to align your products to catch their attention.

Even if your business doesn’t have a direct link to this holiday, dress up in funny costumes with your team and load some of photos onto social media to keep them talking. Create spook-tastic flyers, promotions, emails and events that will get people thinking of you over the fright-fest and beyond.


Black friday Sales Tag

It’s been predicted that the most sales will occur on these holidays.

More and more retailers are being involved, according to this, Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales continue to expand.

SaleCycle mentioned that for the first time, Cyber Monday sales exceed those of Black Friday 2017 in the US, with $6.59 billion spent, making it the biggest single online sales day in e-commerce history. As a result, sales volumes were 43% higher on Cyber Monday than Black Friday.

Almost the reverse data for the UK and Europe – Black Friday sales volumes were 78% higher than Cyber Monday with the majority of orders taking place during the first few hours (7 am onwards) of that Monday and picking up again in the afternoon. Make sure you have your deals, offers and promotions in place before these two profitable holidays hit your calendar.


Father Christmas Buying Things Online

Everybody knows about Black Friday, and people will choose to buy their presents earlier rather than later. Despite that fact, Christmas is one of the biggest holidays with online shoppers spending over $96 billion in the United States and online shoppers in the UK spending over £25 billion.

The busiest online shopping day takes place on Monday or Tuesday a week or two before the week of Christmas. Being able to show you offer deliveries as close to the final days of Christmas as possible will help those last-minute shoppers find the perfect present.

With time being short, give them a range of deals, offers and shipping options to choose from that can clearly point out where the best Christmas products from your business are and whether their presents will arrive on time.

How to set up own Brand on the Holiday Shopping Season 2018

Organise your inventory

First of all, be ready to provide a wide range of products and check their availability. Analyzing which items were popular in the last holiday season can help you to understand which product lines you need to order from suppliers. But don’t forget to take into account current trends.

Consumers are looking for unique and high-quality products. For the holiday season, it’s crucial to stock the hot commodities that sell out almost instantly. Make it quick and easy to find inventory.

Give your site a festive, holiday feel

You don’t have to completely remake your store design, which could be time-consuming and expensive. It’s better to focus on eye-catching decorative elements.Holiday Sales Banner Image

You can highlight text or popular products with a discount with which you would like to attract clients and sales. Gift new customers on their first visit by providing special coupons or one-time money off codes if they enter their email address or follow you on social media, these can be created like a themed pop-up for your holiday of choice.

Don’t feel like going all out? Simply replace an image banner on your main site with a holiday-themed flat % off and get your customers in the festive spirit!20% off Holiday Popup Image

Offer gift wrapping services

Customers are more open to extra services, especially if it saves them time and money. You can offer free gift packaging when ordering a certain amount of goods as an incentive for buyers to buy more.

Moreover, another way to provide gift packaging is to follow the Nordstrom example. The company offers a “Gift Kit” for $2 that includes a gift box, tissue paper, a ribbon and a tag. No need to wrap anything, simply add the kit to the order. Easy!

Gift Cards

Many people buy gift cards as presents for holidays in order to save their time and avoid buying someone a gift they don’t like. They are also perfect for those last minute shoppers who struggle with an extra gift but aren’t precisely sure what to purchase.

Netflix and Apple Itunes Gift Cards

According to a holiday survey from the National Retail Federation, gift cards are the most desired holiday gifts, 61% of people looking forward to receiving them. You should place them in a notable space for shoppers to see on your website.

Gift cards help to boost sales because people are likely to spend more than the value of the card when they finally get to your shop to purchase.

Bundle Products

Another way to encourage a customer to buy a product is by bundling. Offer several items for sale as one combined product. It helps to make the purchasing decisions faster, especially when shoppers are tasked with finding gifts for everyone on their list.

Bundling may help you to get rid of old stock. It’s a good idea to bundle products that will be used together and look good as a unit. That makes sense, right? For example, if you are selling a fancy dress, you can add a product like a free wig or face paint. Below is a good example of Baby Shower Company Ltd.

Baby Shower LTD Halloween Costumes

Be grateful to your customers

And finally, remember to greet every customer with a small present! People love presents and attention to detail, especially if they are themed alongside the holiday you are promoting.

Greeting cards with kindly wishes make an ideal way to connect with your customers on an emotional level, offer discounts for returning customers over the season and show you too are in the holiday mood.

Customer Greeting Card

With such a small gesture, you let clients know you appreciate them. It’s about the personal touch.

So to recap! Make sure you keep an eye on your store, campaigns, and overall sales. Dress up your business for the holidays and choose for yourself how to better connect your festive products with clients during this Holiday Shopping Season.

Thank you for reading and keeping in touch with us! Happy Holidays Sales!

Holiday Season Splash Image

Successful Sales In the Holiday Season

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