What happens after the sale? 5 ways to keep your customer happy

What happens after the sale

Let’s start this post with a little thought experiment. Take a moment, and think about the last customer you dealt with… What do you know about them? Can you even remember their name?

Whether you can, or you can’t, many businesses spent a lot of time optimising listings to ensure that their customer receives a seamless buying experience – which is great! But do you forget to spend time working on what happens after the sale?

These days, people rely heavily on recommendations from their friends, family, and colleagues. There are a plethora of review sites to check like Trustpilot, Google, and Facebook; people read these as they provide honest, unbiased opinions from like-minded people.

So, by treating each customer with respect, it’s possible to bring in new business through word of mouth. Below are five main points that will help you put together your own strategy for servicing your customer after the sale.

Treat your customers with a gift

Everyone loves to receive an unexpected gift. So, next time you ship a product why not pop a little gift or cheerful note inside the package. It just shows that you care. It could be as simple as giving away a voucher for a free drink at your coffee shop or sending a relevant gift during a holiday such as Easter, Christmas, or Halloween.

Even something as simple as receiving a collectors action figure and receiving some free brand related stickers lets the customer remember the transaction past the point of sale.

We know from experience that little gestures like these leave your customer feeling happy and positive towards your business. Make your transactions and sales memorable and customers will think of your business anytime they see your free gift.

Recommend ways to utilise the product

It’s important to provide information to the customer on how to use the product they’ve purchased. You could provide a clear instruction manual, downloadable PDF or a link to a tutorial on YouTube for example.

simple product details pdf

A simple thing such as specifying all the features and benefits of a listing could save the customer from having to contact your customer service department.

Even better, why not provide your or your colleague’s personal opinions on how to use the product. Remember, not every customer knows how to use it in the best way, but you’re the experts – so tell them!

Send notifications of the latest products or news via email

So, you’ve shipped your product and it’s been received with no issues. It’s now down to you to reinforce your brand. Offering your new product range via email or push notifications is an excellent way to do this.

You never know, those ornate vases could be just the thing for an upcoming anniversary, birthday, or wedding gift.

push notifcations and email examples

Make sure if you are selling on Etsy, ebay or Amazon that you have your notifications setup to contact customers, ask for feedback and include links to your most popular or related products.

Don’t have an emailing solution? Try out MailChimp, it’s a scalable email platform that is GDPR compliant, test out the free plan for up to 1000 subscribers and let customers and subscribers know about your latest offers, use it to create insider offers that you can push to your best customers or those you want to make a repeat purchase.

mailchimp sales email example

Flood your customers with positive vibes

Your customer may have saved up their hard-earned cash for weeks or months to make a purchase. That’s why building excitement and positivity from the initial transaction right through to delivery is key. The more “buzzed” they are with your service, the more likely they are to share their experience with the world. Remember, a little effort goes a long way.

One example is how Morton’s Steakhouse created buzz around their products by jumping on an opportunity from a speaker and online influencer Peter Shankman. Seeing he was tweeting his dream of receiving a steak after landing in London he was stunned to see Morton had actually turned up to deliver one! The fallout online was awash with positive comments and interested new / returning customers as they took control of the narrative and turned a cheeky tweet into a unique and positive selling opportunity for his 177k followers.

mortons steakhouse marketing peter shankman

Show the customer you care

Stay within your customer’s thoughts. Even when the order has been received, it’s still a good idea to keep in contact with them. Why not ask if your customer is happy with the purchase? Implement a survey solution such as SurveyMonkey, TypeForm or use Free survey creator to embed feedback right on your site or product listing!

Also keep up with your customers progress with your product or service, see if you can add them on twitter if they are a customer or LinkedIn for businesses and check in to see if there are more for you to get involved. It’s a great way to find out what’s working, and if there is a problem, how you can help.

There’s an old saying that goes “a happy customer is a returning customer,” but in a world where communication is instantaneous, we say that “a happy customer will return with a busload of friends and family!”

It’s down to you, as a business owner, to put the procedures in place to ensure that each customer receives the best service and aftercare. So make it a priority to nurture those relationships, ensure they’re successful and watch as you close more deals.

What happens after the sale

What happens after the sale? 5 ways to keep your customer happy

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