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Angel & Dove aims to create products that enable families to celebrate and remember their loved ones in a way that feels right for them. Whether it’s by displaying balloons in their favourite colour, or by creating a memory table where guests can gather to share memories and stories. Angel & Dove have a collection of thoughtful items to help make the saddest of occasions beautiful, personal and memorable.


Angel & Dove had a number of different selling channels that needed to be organised into a single, manageable dashboard. The time lost switching channels and printing labels from numerous different solutions such as Royal Mail Click & Drop and DHL Express was creating needless work and cutting into time better spent on developing the business and pushing their listings and products forward. With a host of different channels such as ebay, Etsy, Shopify, and Amazon, Pitaron took on the project to setup Angel & Dove to process orders from one location.

“Since we’ve been using Linnworks, it has saved us so much time – where we were previously logging in and out of various sales channels and shipping carriers, now everything is in one place and all of our shipping labels are printed at the click of a button.”

Nicky Sherwood, Owner


To cut down on Angel & Doves’ processing time we connected all their marketplaces, website and couriers to download orders to Linnworks. This meant no longer did they have to constantly switch solutions to check on orders or fulfill customer requests, it was there in a single location.

We imported Angel & Dove’s products to make sure the client could easily tell their items apart visually whilst inside Linnworks.

By setting up custom shipping rules we were able to ensure that courier service allocation was no longer a decision made by the client. Instead Linnworks calculates the order weights and dimensions and automatically selects the most cost effective service and vendor. Whether a courier DHL service or standard Royal Mail sendout, Angel & Dove’s new system checks multiple criteria before assigning services automatically, drastically cutting down their daily order management process.


Amazon integration
ebay integration
Etsy integration
Shopify integration
Royal Mail OBA integration
DHL Express integration
Invoice design
Shipping automation
Products data import


The aim of the project was to reduce the time a small business could face swapping from system to system in order to achieve their daily tasks. Having heard back from Angel & Dove, we know this to be a flying success.

Label printing, informing channels of despatch and updating marketplaces with correct stock are all handled from a single browser window. Now when orders come in they are assigned the correct service automatically and allow the bulk printing of invoices and packing of their daily orders.

No longer does Angel and Dove have to pay numerous subscriptions to different solution vendors, just to fulfill their customers’ orders. Angel & Dove saved countless man-hours a day with Linnworks and Pitaron services meaning they get to focus on what makes their business a success, rather than chasing the processing of daily orders.


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