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Map Marketing Ltd is a family of businesses that was formed back in 1978. Based in Exeter, with its production and warehouse facilities in Hatherleigh (Devon) it is active in a number of markets and operates under a number of brand names. Under the Map Marketing brand they supply stock and made-to-order encapsulated and framed maps and charts, both online and to the stationery trade.


Map Marketing were a successful custom order business and needed a solution put in place to handle shipping automation to assign courier services based on custom rule sets unique to Map Marketing. The system had to help reinvent order fulfillment processes and assign their shipping services to orders with minimal impact on their staff. Map Marketing had an interest with Linnworks and got in touch with Pitaron to see how their orders and stock control could be automated, giving them the room they need to grow as a business.

“Working with Pitaron meant that our migration to Linnworks went really smoothly and with minimal problems. I would happily work with them again on a similar project.”

– Brian O’Donnell, Director of Map Marketing


Our solution was to use Linnworks to implement a custom courier assignment for Fedex, Royal Mail and ParcelForce via automated rule sets. This process would save Map Marketing time and accurately assign the most cost-effective courier services to their orders.

This allowed Map Marketing to process their orders instantly. By using our custom designed pick lists they could get their orders packed and processed to ship at a moment’s notice.

We provided in-house training on the use of their new system, order processes, and more. Working with key staff to ensure they were happy and able to work intimately with the solution once it had gone live was important to its success.


Royal Mail OBA integration
Parcelforce integration
Fedex integration
Custom picking slip design
Custom shipping automation


Once launched, all the most time-consuming parts of the shipping assignment were handled automatically by Linnworks. By migrating they were able to save countless hours on order processing, increase their agility in handling customer returns and cancellations. Now Map Marketing get to focus on improving their product range rather than spending all their time just fulfilling orders.


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